About Us

Here at Competitor Source, we are committed to delivering relevant and substantial information about bodybuilding and fitness industry. As a fan of the sport, the only strong presence and source of information for the sport that caters to the fans is on social media. We want the internet to be another essential source that puts a  spotlight on these fitness and bodybuilding industry again. In the year 2017, it should be easy for individuals to access information and follow their favorite athletes in the sport of bodybuilding.

This is where our company is known to be uniquely different from the rest. We do not just provide information about fitness but we also give insights to more other entities which play a crucial role especially in the fitness industry.

We cover the following:

  • Fitness apparel
  • Supplements
  • Photographers
  • Local gyms
  • women/men competition suits,
  • men board shorts
  • hair, makeup
  • nutrition
  • coaching

Some of these also play a vital role in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. We are more like a community of people. All the participants have different motives and background but all are striving to improve and succeed.

Over the year, we always stood for quality information, innovation and perfection and through our wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. We also remain to be reliable and innovative especially when it comes to the insights and information we deliver and share.

With great passion and enthusiasm, we have developed the ability to play a big part in educating individuals about fitness and health and elevating their awareness about the different areas of fitness especially those that are starting to be neglected and overlooked.

Our Vision

Since we are mostly a community of people, our vision is to help in building communities by assisting the following:

  • Athletes just getting started in fitness and body building and are aspiring to be a pro.
  • Actual PROS that trying to qualify for OLYMPIA
  • Fans looking up to the athletes and want to follow what’s going on in the fitness industry
  • Providing insights to local businesses in the area. We have a complete range of essential things particularly needed in fitness and bodybuilding.

We believe in bringing fans and the bodybuilding communities together. As an active community, we believe that an informed local community can result in boosting the interests in the sport of bodybuilding and can give a different perspective than what people generally think about bodybuilding. Our goals is to deliver information, insights and to offer guidance not just to athletes in the sport, but also professional athletes who still have the desire for continued learning.

Through our information and coaching, we are able to help people achieve their objectives and goals. We inform and empower individuals by providing instructions about competing in the Sports, Nutrition, essentials when it comes to competing and more.  Our Competitor Essentials Page highlights the essential items that competitors need in a particular fitness and bodybuilding field. This also includes the event registration and other fitness related needs. The Competitor Nutrition provides different types of healthy foods needed to prepare.

If you continue to browse our site, you will find our other pages such as competitor details, IFBB including current qualifiers, current updates on the IFBB pro level, and pro IFBB shows coming within 30 days and more. We also have a page that offers content regarding the rules such as sample rules to qualify as a pro.

So whether it is Bikini Competition, Bodybuilding, Health, Fitness Model, Activewear, Nutrition and Supplements, we can give you the right information and insights about this different industry and how you can achieve your goals in these different fields of fitness.

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