Competitor Details

Bodybuilding is a sport that is loved by all different types of people all across the world for different reasons. Once you’ve stepped across that stage, you now share a connection with thousands of other competitors. This sport and industry aren't for everyone. It could arguably be one of the most demanding and challenging sports to prepare for in the world! With that being said, you want to make sure you capture these very special moments on this stage and show off the countless hours spent building your physique. Aside from Competitor Essentials, there are things that could be extremely helpful for competitor prior to and during the day of the competition. These things aren’t necessarily required to compete, but could definitely make your experience much easier and rememberable.

Details you may want to think about


Finding a local gym that has the equipment and is opened 24 hours a day is essential when traveling for a show. Most coaches would like their athletes to arrive in city of the bodybuilding event at least 2 days prior to the event.


Supplements can give athletes a considerable advantage if used efficiently and responsibly. Whether the supplements are used for fat loss, muscle recovery, boosting energy, or providing a solid pump before stepping on the stage. You need to be aware of healthy supplements available for all athletes.

Apparel / Gym Equipment

When it comes to the fitness industry and bodybuilding, having the right apparel and equipment is a must! Besides busting confidence and looking good while you lift. There’s apparel designed to help protect you from injuries and even assist the weaker body parts to still perform the movement effectively.


Be sure that your sport is successfully and perfectly documented while you're on the stage. If there isn’t a designated videographer, in most areas there will be a local photographer that may be able to provide video footage upon request of the show.


Having professionally taken photos is not the same as the way that enthusiastic parent is taking pictures of his or her kids. Have a professional photographer capture those very special moments on the stage!

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