Competitor Essentials

Essentials for competing in a bodybuilding show

The majority of competitors are not aware of the things they need to know to be prepared for a bodybuilding show. These are the things that a competitor can’t go without in order to compete. So, what are these key things competitors need? Well, no need to worry anymore, as Competitor Source is here to help you out with such concerns.

To start, competitors will need a competition suit, classic trunks or board shorts depending on your division and gender. Women will need specific makeup that looks good with their tan, suit, along with jewelry and heels. Men may need their board shorts altered. However, men and women will need some type of posing training.

Most of the competitors don’t know how to pose and stand out amongst their competition on the stage, especially for those first timers. Since they are not familiar with these things, this information is suited for them. We’ll provide practical tips and information to help you be prepared to hit the stage with confidence! More information will be rolled out to make it easy and simple to understand.  CLICK HERE for email sign ups! This gives you the option to provide feedback and to keep us aware of other areas that you would like to be catered towards.

STEP 1 - Coaching - Find a local coach or team:

Your coach should make sure to assess your goals and make sure you have following items.

STEP 2 - Training / Nutrition Plans

  1. Meal Plan
    1. If there's an option for meal preparation services this will help you so much, but not mandatory.
      1. Determine how long your off season / in season preparation should be; 8 week, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, etc..
  2. Training Regimen

Step 3 - Determine a show!!

  1. Production Companies in your local area will have local show listed.
    1. Production Company- Miles Production add AZ Flyer
    2. More States COMING SOON..
    3. Give us feedback on which shows to add first! (Contact Us)

Step 4 - Posing Coach

PT by Joe Studios

  • Maybe the most underrated area in bodybuilding, but arguably one of the most important!
  • Often can be done by your same coach. However, if they don’t specialize in that area I would suggest finding one

Step 5 - Find your look

  • Competition Suits - Collections by Collins Would rather use a 15 second video I have a this suit.
  • Hair/Make up
  • Tans

Bodybuilding Event Registration

Registration is essential!  You can’t compete if you’re not registered for the event.  All events have registration deadlines and my have late fee’s associated for late registrations.

Local Business in the Fitness Industry and Bodybuilding

Competitors have an endless amount of options when it comes to finding business that provides;

  • Competition suits
  • Hair/make-up
  • Posing
  • Coaching - Nutrition and Training plans (In season / Offseason)
  • Tans

HOWEVER, this can be quite intimidating if you're new and don’t have the slightest idea where to start looking. Competitor Source will provide insight into all these areas to help you in your decision making process for your local area. We’ll first start start in select cities and states and will gradually expand based off your feedback. So please, the more input by you the better!

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